Documentary/ 36 min./ 2014 / 16:9/ Ukrainian and Russian/
subtitled English

In winter 2013-2014, the author of this documentary was working as news cutter at one of the main Ukrainian TV channels and witnessed the terrible events unfolding in Kyiv and across Ukraine
on a daily basis.
This film is based on shots of actual confrontation between the opponents of the government and its defenders. The fiercest fights, during one of which over 100 people were killed, took place in Kyiv on the Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) and nearby streets. So the central square of Ukraines capital turned into a cauldron of suffering, sorrow and hate.
This is not just a film but also an attempt to release from the terrible experiences and memories that engulfed millions of people including the author.

Scripted and directed by Oleksiy-Nestor NAUMENKO

Photographed by various cameramen

Produced by Oleksiy-Nestor NAUMENKO with
Sergiy MAMAIEV (NTN Channel)

NESTOR FILM production

Nestor Film
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